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Established in 1977, Alkhair Enterprises Overseas Employment Promoters is a company with a bright vision. 

Our aim is to provide a solution to your staffing and manpower needs.


Alkhair Enterprises Overseas Employment Promoters provides opportunities to professionals and organizations to attract and select each other through Alkhair Enterprises Overseas Employment Promoters’s Forum of Employment Assistance Program.



The basic objective of Alkhair Enterprises Overseas Employment Promoters is to assist the employers to find capable workers to meet their job requirements. At the same time we help individuals to meet the employers and secure jobs commensurate with their qualification and work experience.



The main function of Alkhair Enterprises Overseas Employment Promoters is to provide different categories of manpower which includes professionals, highly skilled, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled personnel, administrative staff and technicians of all categories to prospective overseas employers.

Area of Specialization – Personnel Section


With our commitment to provide the best manpower resources, our objective is not only to ensure placement of required personnel, but also to meet all the specific manpower requirements of the employer, for achieving success in their organization. 

Scope of Services Offered


  • Make effective use of print/electronic media as well as personal contacts for reliable search and selection of manpower with a strong focus on the employer’s specific requirements.
  • Provide ‘best value for money’ services to the employer and fulfill their urgent needs for manpower hiring, by utilizing our widespread connections all over Pakistan.
  • Assign qualified and experienced engineers from the organization to conduct and supervise the trade tests of various categories in our own reputed trade test centres.
  • Furnish complete medical and dental examination details as defined by the employers from GCC approved medical centres.
  • Perform complete character analysis and ensure that the selected candidate doesn’t have any criminal record.
  • Obtain work visas from concerned foreign embassy/consulate.
  • Conduct complete orientation of workers prior to their departure to the country of employment.
  • Implement all administrative actions that are in compliance with the Government of Pakistan laws and regulations pertaining to overseas employment.
  • Make necessary air travel arrangements and furnish airline tickets for the country employment.
  • Complete all documentation procedures including verification/crosscheck of degrees/certificates and provide a duplicate set of the selected candidate’s processed documents along with fifteen (15) passport size photographs to the employer prior to the departure of the worker.
  • We guarantee to bear the full cost of repatriation for any worker selected by Alkhair Enterprises Overseas Employment Promoters if found unqualified during the probation period and further assert to provide suitable replacement free of charge.


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